Unknown, Yet Intended Paths

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Sometimes I wonder if there is a path mapped out for us, does fate have an ultimate goal…for the days I walk on this earth, I feel a little out of sync, and feel like I’m aimlessly wandering the streets, a little aloof and lost…then days after, I notice a pattern, the polite pleasantries I’ve shared with a shop owner or a fellow commuter on the bus, can sometimes snap me out of my dulling mind, making me feel alive once more, and I hear my old self making a million promises, that today I will make a difference, today, is my day to shine, today I’ll help someone…and it all starts with a little smile, a gesture, a few words; we’ve become so consumed in our own thoughts, our own sufferings, we often forget the one most beautiful thing in this world, connections…we humans are meant to connect, to interact -in every natural way possible, not be metaphorically built into machines, not to be away from the sunlight, the moonlight, the soft gentle breeze, the smell of the ocean, the sea, getting soaked in the rain, covered in snow, feel the squishing of mud, the warmth of a smile, serenity in a hug…machines cannot give us all these natural things; we need to be part of nature, as intended, so why don’t we make a pact today, and try to live each and every day, as nature intended, as fate wills us to…and as the divine has set out for us, to be in light, to shine bright and to spread love through to each and every heart…

Stay in peace, and always remember to smile and take in the clean brisk air, we are part of nature, part of it’s curves and mysteries…and that’s just beautiful in itself, don’t you think?

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Where once united, our band diminishes,

Forced to leave

by power of hand

By the governess of land

In worlds we no longer understand

Masterpieces untitled. Melodies unfinished.

Forced to quit

We had to disband, Into foreign land.

Is this the way they planned?

Utopia painted pictures

Glorifying guns in pages

Where did we stand?

Generations de-clan

Lands strewn with blood of our ages.

Society bound by scriptures

Enslaved through tyrants rages.

When will we stand?

Unite and re-clan

We can turn the pages.

Free our minds from TV speak

Indoctrinated nations freed

Where we heart it

We must believe it

It’s our time to force it, change it.

Cos when we’re free, we can’t be weak.

It’s time to believe, stand up and speak.

Just a tiny spark could start.

And blow what we know apart.

Lift us up from dark.

We mustn’t just hope, wait and see

They rely on our inability

So, gather up your strength

Unite all under one breath

Or the future will be to our death

Again united, fuel replenished.

Had time to grieve

And helping hands

Reclaimed our land

I understand.

Draconian standards set and implemented,

bringing us back to the dark of our ages,

filling their pockets, whilst robbing the poor

branding them tyrants

a death sentence they adore.

-Collaboration by yikici and Stablish

Wake Up…

I stepped out into the unknown yesterday; busy streets paved with shoppers, commuters, sightseers, street venders, buskers, etc…first time in a very long while, and something struck me as I stood waiting to cross the street, people no longer have the patience for one and another, courtesy is no longer a value they share; I crossed the street, and despite the pedestrians seeing I was coming towards them, not one person budged, I had to weave in and out from them -and let me not start on people’s inability to apologies when they bump into you…what’s happened to our society?  Am I naïve to think these values are still part of our culture?

I hope not.

I was brought up to value each moment we live in, and to be respectful to those I encounter on my journeys, to treat another as I would like to be treated, to see good in the world and to embrace it with positivity; but alas the world is fuelling on negatives, every person is rushing to reach somewhere they’re forever failing to get to, the moment we live in is not savoured, we are consumed and being consumed by the seed which has been planted in our minds…’we have to do something, be somewhere, have the latest fad, be part of the next ‘in‘ thing’…what we have is never enough, we lose sight of what surrounds as, for we live in our own bubble, not noticing our fellow humans, not seeing the beauty which surrounds us, will we ever wake up from this shrouded illusion of a life we simply ‘must have’?

I hope so.


They speak of genocides,
past wars
They discuss it, full tank
In magistrates they attack.

But what say of our poor?
Who’s defenceless against our laws?
Where now there’s bedroom tax
Penalising said offenders
(Of benefits and such tenders),
What crap. (more…)

Blissful Ignorance

Ignorance is bliss,
I've stopped noting, Miss.
Warfare, a computer game,
Pushing buttons no longer lame.
Brainwashing starts at school,
To be smart -you must play the fool.
Satellites cramped in space,
Big Brother watching your face. (more…)

Enlightenment Through the Dark

When greyness turns into black,
When your life’s filled with endless hacks;
When you know not where to go,
That’s when you receive the final blow…

What you know, will you show? (more…)

Paths of Purpose

Maybe I should just leave everything and head on off into the sunset like those cowboys do in those western films, escape the brick cities we are brought into, to live, to breathe.  Sometimes I feel like I am suffocating in this little world of mine, sinking in quicksand, unable to break away from the ties I have been shackled into, dependent on things, people, ideas, which should not really be.

Then some days, I see this brilliant light, it fills me with the purpose of being who I am, why I am here, here in this world, why I am still carrying on, why I am trying my best to do right instead of wrong.  It’s not easy though, the right path, the path which has been mapped out for you, to take it, to walk on it, it is not easy, this is why we must stay strong, be the best we can, for only when we excel in our own greatness, can we achieve what we have set out to do.  So, here I am, trying my best, to provide a light, to help you see –as I see, as I learn, understand and find the purpose of what life may be about… (more…)